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Help Asoyaa Foundation to Empower the life of a Young Person in Ghana

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The Asoyaa Heritage Library & Training Centre

We already have the land and need your help to develop a new community hub at Sukwae in Kumasi Ghana to continue supporting our young people. The Asoyaa Heritage Library & Training Centre will ensure that the needs of young people in the community, no matter their tribal origin are addressed within a team of trusted and skilled workers.

These will include:

This team will stay with the young person throughout their journey, whether it’s to prevent homeless, School dropout, in prison, or being general NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) system.

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Change the world with us

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The Project

The Asoyaa Heritage Library & Training Centre at Sukwae in Kumasi Ghana will be a core part of the community fabric. Odopa firmly believe most of the residents within Ntensere and Sukwae in Ashanti of Ghana environ share the views and desire to help the young people within the community especially teenagers. The training Centre will aim at eradicating teenage pregnancy or significantly reduce the prevalence, as well as any other issues affecting the development of teenager of both genders, must of these teenage pregnancies are victims of abuse or defile school girls.

Funds raised here will be donated to the Asoyaa Heritage Library & Training Centre so that we can build a purpose build centre and create job opportunity hub within the community

Odopa herself have donated the land and is hoping to raise £300,000 to build purpose library and a training centre for the community of Sukwae in Kumasi Ghana.

Ghana Library Authority is committed to putting their support to work for the future of this library and the training centre. We cannot build the Asoyaa Heritage Library & Training

The Asoyaa Foundation Aims and Objectives

Centre community hub without your support.
When people who care about education, libraries and training come together to support a cause like the Asoyaa Heritage Library & Training Centre Project, we can exceed our goal and end this fundraising campaign. With your help, we hope to raise £300,000 to help build this community library. Thank you for this amazing support and making the dream come to reality for the community.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t give today, please share this page any way you can.
Also, if you’re interested in donating or would like to help in anyway email me at asoyaafoundation@gmail.com

Our Goal

To build this library, the committee of the project has broken down the specific costs of construction, adding up to be about £300,000. The land is already donated by myself, and my goal is to raise £300,000 for the library and the training centre. Every penny of the money raised goes directly to the building this project. This sum of money will cover all aspects of the architecture design, construction, including a roof and a paint job as well Community solar system and the library and training resources, such as furniture, additional books, and computers.

We need your help

A plot of land is already donated for this project for the community by Odopa Agyeman. Now, we hope to raise the funds to enable the construction of this community project as a legacy to the woman who started it all – Miss Veronica Amankwah aka Aso Yaa who was a professional trained teacher and passionate about education and making an impact for the young person.
Plans for the building include a workshop space at the ground floor, a teaching room, computer room, reading room, washrooms, storerooms and an office space at each floor. Split into three stages, the build will begin with the architecture design, the foundations, then move to the framework of the building and the completion stage will provide windows, doors, plumbing. Our minimum target is £150,000 that required for the first two stages. The total goal would cover the full cost of building the library. We need your help to build a community library and a training centre and invest in the future of a whole community.

Why is it important?

According to UNICEF, 28.5% of people aged 15 and over in Ghana are illiterate, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development placed Ghana at the very bottom of its global school ranking. Access to books and materials is a major factor, the next nearest public library is 30 miles away.

The Asoyaa Foundation Aims and Objectives

Teenage pregnancy is the “norm” within the community creating illiterate and poverty
A third of Ghana’s population is young – over 10 million, each of them relying on equal and expanded opportunities to education and training, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities to succeed. Early-stage youth entrepreneurship is rising in Ghana, especially in the informal sector, owing to limited job creation in the formal sector.
Asoyaa Foundation focus on using a community-first approach to train young people on social innovation and entrepreneurship is relevant within this context.
There is NO library or community training centre within Sukwae, Ntensere, Barekese, Abuakwa or Nkawie or within Atwima districts of Ashanti region of Ghana.
Kindly help us build the Asoyaa Heritage Library and Training Centre for the young people within the community for a better future. Please give what you can to help Odopa and her community build the library and a training centre to make a difference.

Help us succeed by donating

If you can’t donate, but still want to get involved, you can help Odopa by spreading the word and sharing this project with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email and all other social media. Your support means so much – providing access to books and learning for a community has an immeasurably positive behavioural, psychological and educational impact.

Donate and keep a young person in education and to avoid teenage pregnancy

Kindly come along with us to see the value created as a result of your contribution.

Donation by PayPal

Donate now

Donation by Bank

Bank: Ghana Commercial Bank
Account Name: Asoyaa Foundation for Education
Account Number: 6011180006208

Donation by phone

If you’re in the UK and would prefer to make a donation by phone, you can call Odopa Abena Agyeman on 07960-144-545